Chris Saper

Chris Saper

8th Annual Juried Exhibition, SAS, Scottsdale, AZ, Jan 6 – 27, 2018
2nd Place: “Harley Brown – American Artist” by Chris Saper

Judged by nationally-recognized, distinguished portrait artist, renown religious painter, fantasy art creator, and award-winning game illustrator, Howard Lyon. Howard commented:   “Chris’ portrait of fellow artist Harley Brown is a deceptively complex work of art. Each stroke is well thought out and placed to great effect. The subject conveys great thought and emotion and appears not to be frozen in time, but in motion and full of thought. I love how the light being refracted through the lenses of the glasses illuminates the skin beneath and enlarges the subjects eyes. The effect is handled convincingly and with restraint. Saper’s choice to push the back of the head into shadow and punch in the bit of sky blue on the right side behind the head for contrast is a wonderful technique.”


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January 18, 2018