Jean Hildebrant

Jean Hildebrant

8th Annual Juried Exhibition, SAS, Scottsdale, AZ, Jan 6 – 27, 2018
SAS Award & People’s Choice:  “Moments That Bind Us” by Jean Hildebrant

Judged by nationally-recognized, distinguished portrait artist, renown religious painter, fantasy art creator, and award-winning game illustrator, Howard Lyon. Howard commented:   “It is hard not to be drawn into this beautiful pastel painting. The colors are as inviting as the subject matter. Hildebrant has done a wonderful job of capturing a candid, but intentionally composed moment of shared love and sentiment. It feels lively, with light and color injected into every part of the work. I love seeing the beautiful temperatures shifts on the skin. Look at the foot of the infant peeking out behind the teddy bear in the lower right. The pink toes are perfectly rendered and not overly wrought and the color shifts to an almost violet tone on the top of the foot. This is just a small portion of a finely crafted whole, but it contains many masterful observations. Gorgeous painting and portrait paired with a great composition perfectly cropped in to give us a window into a beautiful moment.”



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January 18, 2018