Vanya Allison

Vanya Allison

8th Annual Juried Exhibition, SAS, Scottsdale, AZ, Jan 6 – 27, 2018
Merit #3: “Walking Along” by Vanya Allison

Judged by nationally-recognized, distinguished portrait artist, renown religious painter, fantasy art creator, and award-winning game illustrator, Howard Lyon. Howard commented:   “This was another painting that I kept coming back to. It also borders on the edge of chaos, but has just enough control to show that the decisions made are thoughtful and decisive, not careless or random. The strong pink plane of light on her cheek makes this portrait really work, drawing your eye to the contrast and face. I also love the artistic transition from the yellow in the forehead, to the red of the cheeks, nose and lips and the cool highlight of the chin.”


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January 18, 2018